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Vivatmo for Doctors

ERS 2023: FeNO measurement for doctors and patients

European Respiratory Society International Congress 2023: Visit our booth for the latest insights on FeNO measurement and respiratory pathogen PCR tests at the point-of-care (POC)

Vivatmo system claim: we belung together

Bosch Healthcare @ERS 2023

Game changer at the point-of-care: FeNO and respiratory pathogen tests

Bosch Healthcare Solutions will be showcasing its latest POC testing developments for pulmonologists and other healthcare professionals at this year's ERS. At our booth, we will demonstrate how FeNO measurement with the Vivatmo system can sustainably improve asthma management – particularly when point-of-care measurement is enhanced by patients' home monitoring. Bosch will also present Vivalytic, the all-in-one solution for rapid molecular diagnostics, which also has respiratory pathogen PCR tests in its portfolio.

  • When: Congress 09.09.23 – 13.09.23 | Exhibition 10.09.23 – 12.09.23
  • Where: Hall 3 | Booth K.02 | Allianz MiCo in Milan, Italy
  • Who: Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH, Germany
  • What: Vivatmo (FeNO) & Vivalytic (molecular diagnostics)
  • Don't miss: Poster Session "FeNO@home" by Prof. Heffler (PA3792) | Poster Area PS-10 | 12.09.2023, 8:00 – 9:30
Pay us a visit, we will be happy to welcome you at our booth!
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European Respiratory Society International Congress 2023

Bosch Vivatmo system

FeNO in medical practice & FeNO at home for optimized asthma therapy

The Vivatmo system consisting of Vivatmo pro, me, digital asthma diary and checklist shown in a circle.
Adapted from Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA): Continuous cycle of personalized asthma management consisting of assessment, adjustment of treatment, and review. All steps are under the supervision of the treating physician.

The biomarker FeNO plays a central role in the diagnosis and therapy of asthma. Bosch Vivatmo measures the FeNO level in exhaled breath simply and precisely. The Vivatmo system is built on two pillars:

  • Vivatmo pro for FeNO measurement in medical practices and clinics.
  • Vivatmo me for FeNO measurement at patient's home.
Home measurement also includes the free Vivatmo app, which serves as an asthma diary and digital link between doctor and patient. In addition, the disposable Vivatmo oxycap mouthpieces ensure maximum hygiene and reliable results for each measurement.

Regarding FeNO, the combination of POC and home measurement is unique worldwide. It opens up completely new dimensions in asthma management: Home monitoring provides the treating physician with more relevant patient data and measurement points. This can enable more precise dosing of medication, better control of adherence and exacerbations in dialogue with the patient.

What makes Vivatmo special?

The FeNO system connecting physicians and patients for optimized asthma management

Holistic system approach

Worldwide unique combination: FeNO in medical practice & FeNO at home for individual, need-based therapy in dialogue with the patient – for precise medication, better control of adherence and exacerbations.

Exceptional cost-efficiency

The Vivatmo system requires no recalibration, maintenance, or sensor exchange during the entire lifetime due to high-precision Bosch technology made in Germany.

Flexible operation

Portable, wireless handheld allows mobile measurements. Data is subsequently transmitted to Vivatmo app or basestation via Bluetooth.

Further highlights at our booth

Vivatmo App and FeNO report
Evidence: FeNO@home study

First case reports

Currently, an observational study with 80+ asthma patients is ongoing to investigate the impact of FeNO home measurement on asthma therapy. The FeNO@home study commissioned by Bosch is being conducted by 4 study centers in Germany and Italy. Although not yet completed, initial case reports suggest that FeNO home monitoring can benefit both physicians and patients: Collecting asthma-related patient data over time can help in early detection of exacerbation risk, predicting ICS and biologic efficacy, improving treatment adherence, as well as monitoring and optimizing medication. The investigators will present their first case reports at ERS.

Case Report 1, Case Report 2, Case Report 3,
Case Report 4, Case Report 5

Remote visit
Benefits for study initiators and CROs

Efficient enrichment of dataset

Bosch Healthcare provided its Vivatmo me home measurement device and the Vivatmo app asthma diary for the FeNO@home study. Although final results are pending, it is becoming apparent that FeNO home monitoring can

  • improve the quantity and information value of patient data
  • and significantly reduce study coordination efforts.
Although patients need to visit the study centers less frequently, they contribute more FeNO values over time and provide additional contextual information via the companion app. The cost-effective enhancement of the patient dataset can be valuable in research as well as help specialists to improve asthma management.
Smart Connectivity
Vivatmo features

Smart connectivity solutions

Our products are designed to ensure that not only patients have an optimal user experience. We also want the technical effort for administration and integration to be as low as possible. This gives healthcare professionals working in clinics, medical practices, or on studies more time to focus on the essentials. The Vivatmo system provides smart connectivity solutions that allow FeNO measurements to be integrated into daily routines as easily and efficiently as possible:

  • Remote software updates and device management via Vivasuite – the secure and smart cloud solution for medical devices from Bosch.
  • Easy integration with Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) via standard interfaces such as HL7 and GDT.
  • Patients who measure their FeNO values at home can easily transfer them to the Vivatmo app via Bluetooth. In the app, they can also document symptoms, medication intake as well as pollen counts, and share data reports (CSV or PDF) with their treating physician.
  • Medical study initiators and CROs who focus on home measurement to improve dataset and cost efficiency can easily integrate FeNO values and other relevant patient data into their IT systems using our Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • Portable, wireless handheld allows mobile measurements. Data is subsequently transmitted to the Vivatmo app or the basestation via Bluetooth.
Vivalytic Analyser
Vivalytic system

Rapid respiratory PCR tests

Vivalytic combines a wide range of molecular diagnostic tests for the point-of-care in just one system – fully automated, intuitive, and reliable. The comprehensive test portfolio also includes PCR tests for the detection of respiratory pathogens such as as SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, and RSV. Further tests are currently under development, for example Vivalytic VRI and Bordetella.


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Vivatmo pro

Vivatmo system

Discover the advantages of FeNO devices by Bosch.

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Study Fact Sheet

Learn how FeNO@home improves dataset and efficiency.