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Studies and Evidence

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FeNO@home: New study on behalf of Bosch

Vivatmo App and FeNO report
Evidence for FeNO home measurement

First case reports

Currently, an observational study with 80+ asthma patients is ongoing to investigate the impact of FeNO home measurement on asthma therapy. The FeNO@home study commissioned by Bosch is being conducted by 4 study centers in Germany and Italy. Although not yet completed, initial case reports suggest that FeNO home monitoring can benefit both physicians and patients: Collecting asthma-related patient data over time can help in early detection of exacerbation risk, predicting ICS and biologic efficacy, improving treatment adherence, as well as monitoring and optimizing medication. Use the following links to download the case reports presented by the investigators at the ERS 2023: Case Report 1, Case Report 2, Case Report 3,Case Report 4, Case Report 5.

Remote visit
Benefits for study initiators and CROs

Efficient enrichment of dataset

Bosch Healthcare provided its Vivatmo me home measurement device and the Vivatmo app asthma diary for the FeNO@home study. Although final results are pending, it is becoming apparent that FeNO home monitoring can

  • improve the quantity and information value of patient data
  • and significantly reduce study coordination efforts.
Although patients need to visit the study centers less frequently, they contribute more FeNO values over time and provide additional contextual information via the companion app. The cost-effective enhancement of the patient dataset can be valuable in research as well as help specialists to improve asthma management.

Further clinical trials about FeNO

Clinical trials are a prerequisite for evidence-based patient care. Below, you will find summaries of clinical studies related to the topic of FeNO measurement in asthma and its benefits for medical practices and clinical settings. You can access the full publications by clicking on the respective links.