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Vivatmo for Doctors
Vivatmo me & Vivatmo pro for your practice and your patients at home

The Vivatmo System

Lung illustration in x-ray style on blue background with device illustration Vivatmo me and pro

Vivatmo pro

The intuitive and maintenance-free FeNO measurement device for medical practices and clinical settings

Product image Vivatmo pro with inserted handheld meter, blue screen with animation
  • Quick and easy measurement thanks to intuitive user guidance.
  • Results are available immediately after measurement.
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to cordless handheld measuring device.
  • Optimum and direct integration into practice workflows and clinical IT environment.

Vivatmo me

The world’s first FeNO measuring device for home use

  • Patients obtain their FeNO reading directly after taking the measurement. This shows the current degree of airway inflammation, including a trend if this differs clearly from previous readings.
  • Simple traffic light display to help interpret the inflammation value.
  • Handy, mobile and user-friendly device integrates smoothly into patients’ everyday life.
  • Regular analysis of the airways allows for better management of the inflammatory process in asthma, which can help to optimize therapy and improve adherence.
Side product image Vivatmo me, FeNO-handheld meter

Vivatmo oxycap

The mouthpiece for Vivatmo devices

Product packaging and image oxicap mouthpieces photographed from the side
  • The disposable mouthpiece is used for sample preparation for FeNO measurement with Vivatmo
  • Multiple filtering of exhaled air
  • The Vivatmo oxycap consumer product is CO₂-neutral
  • Protection against cross-contamination, elimination of disruptive respiratory gas particles and dehumidification of the sample
  • Available in different pack sizes
Robert Bosch

It is inherent to the nature of medicine that its greatest concern is to cure suffering and, where this is not possible, to alleviate pain.

Robert Bosch

We’re going CO₂ neutral

Responsibility means protecting the climate.

Light green to dark green colored icon with lettering CO₂-neutral product,

By making the Vivatmo oxycap consumer product CO₂ neutral, we aim to make a further contribution to protecting our climate.

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