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Vivatmo for Doctors

Holistic FeNO monitoring for better asthma therapy

Worldwide unique combination: FeNO measurement in medical practice and at home

The biomarker FeNO can significantly improve the diagnosis and therapy of asthma. The Vivatmo devices from Bosch measure FeNO in exhaled breath simply and precisely. Vivatmo is the world's first and only FeNO monitoring system that combines measurement in the medical practice with measurement at home. This opens up completely new dimensions in asthma management – such as more precise medication or better control of adherence and exacerbations in dialogue with the patient.

The Vivatmo system consisting of Vivatmo pro, Vivatmo me, and Vivatmo app
Adapted from Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA): Continuous cycle of personalized asthma management consisting of assessment, adjustment of treatment, and review. All steps are under the supervision of the treating physician.

FeNO home monitoring

Asthmatic Lina (13) pursues her hobby of artistic gymnastics without any worries
Evidence: FeNO@home study

First case reports available

Currently, an observational study with 80+ asthma patients is ongoing to investigate the impact of FeNO home measurement on asthma therapy. The FeNO@home study commissioned by Bosch is being conducted by 4 study centers in Germany and Italy. Although not yet completed, initial case reports suggest that FeNO home monitoring can benefit both physicians and patients.

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