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Vivatmo for Doctors

Vivatmo oxycap – The mouthpiece for Vivatmo

Small things make a big difference

Vivatmo oxycap

Vivatmo oxycap – Sample preparation

Animation of Vivatmo oxycap sample preparation

Chemical sample preparation

Filter layers in sample preparation

A fresh Vivatmo oxycap must always be used for each FeNO measurement. Due to the special arrangement of different chemical layers in the disposable mouthpiece, the exhaled air is filtered during measurement to stabilize it and remove interfering components and gases, thus achieving reliable measurement results.

woman measures with Vivatmo

The ergonomically shaped mouthpiece ensures reliable and easy lip closure. In addition, the design of the entire device combined with the shape of the mouthpiece resembles a flute and thus subconsciously helps the user to perform the desired breathing maneuver: controlled, constant and slow exhalation.

Different options and pack sizes

We become carbon-neutral


Responsibility means climate protection.

we will make a further contribution to climate protection with the carbon-neutral positioning of the oxycap consumer product.

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