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Vivatmo for Doctors

Benefits of patient care with Vivatmo me

With the Vivatmo me breath analyzer, asthma patients can now for the first time measure the FeNO inflammation values of their bronchial tubes from the comfort of their own home. This brings many advantages in terms of therapy and asthma management for the patients themselves as well as for you as their primary care physician.

Blond man holding Vivatmo me with a smile, doctor sitting at the table, doctor-patient conversation in the surgery
Young, blond girl at doctor-patient interview points to Vivatmo me, pneumploge sits opposite

Simple application for asthma patients

Vivatmo me, the world’s first FeNO measuring device for home use helps asthmatics get a handle on the progression of their disease. The handy and ergonomically designed device is simplicity itself to use. The measurement result is displayed immediately after the measurement is taken. With a simple click, patients can upload the measured FeNO value from the device to the app and document it in an electronic asthma diary.

Young asthma patient listening to his breath with a stethoscope by a doctor in the practice

Individual, data-based therapy optimization

The goal of asthma therapy is to keep exacerbations at bay and over the long term reduce the symptoms of the disease. Regular FeNO measurements taken by your asthma patients at home provide you with important additional information about the progression of their respiratory inflammation and can help or make it easier for you to identify possible day-to-day triggers and thus provide the optimum treatment option for your patients.

Young brown-haired asthma patient talking to a pneumologist in the practice, sitting at the table.

Avoid exacerbations wherever possible

One important therapy goal is to minimize the occurrence of exacerbations. FeNO values measured regularly over a period of time will help you to obtain the most meaningful objective data possible about the degree of inflammation in your patients’ lungs. This may also allow you to draw conclusions about the patient’s compliance and environmental factors such as pollen season or animal hairs.

Vivatmo me lying on the dining table at home opened with mobile phone app, close up

Benefit from improved compliance with asthma treatment

Patients who cooperate with you, adhere to their therapy plan and regularly take their medication facilitate your treatment management and thus increase the chances of a successful asthma therapy. FeNO home measurement can play a decisive role when it comes to compliance.

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Enhance quality of life

Regular home measurement and feeling more confident about managing the disease can stabilize nervous patients and improve quality of life.

Pretty, laughing girl in the midst of green landscape, spring, joy of life, no asthma complaints despite allergies.

Patient story 13-year-old asthmatic

Asthma sufferers often underestimate their condition. When elementary school student Lina was diagnosed with asthma, she experienced very few restrictions in her daily life. But the inflammation values in her lungs were way too high. She also suffered increasingly from allergies. The long-term anti-inflammatory therapy prescribed by her pediatric pulmonologist finally brought relief. Now Lina has her asthma well under control. The weekly FeNO measurement at home also gives her parents the reassurance that she really uses her spray and doesn’t forget it.