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Vivatmo for Doctors
Vivatmo me with uncontrolled asthma:

Because your best therapy needs to rely on the best data.

Bosch Healthcare Solutions has developed the first and only FeNO home measuring device for asthma patients: Vivatmo me .

My Asthma Radar Vivatmo me, young woman with lung sign in doctor's surgery with doctor

What is Vivatmo me

Vivatmo me is the first and only FeNO measuring device for home use. It can support your asthma patients in actively managing their disease. In just a few seconds*, the handy breath analyzer measures an inflammatory marker in exhaled breath, known as the FeNO value.

The FeNO value gives an indication of the degree of inflammation in the lungs at a given moment. Regular measurements provide you with important information about the progression of respiratory inflammation and can also be used as a basis for your medical therapy.

In the accompanying free Vivatmo app, the measured values can be digitally recorded in an asthma diary. The clear display of FeNO values, symptoms, peak flow values and pollen information enable you as a doctor to better monitor the degree of inflammation as well as possible asthma triggers.

Vivatmo me lying on the table with stethoscope, close-up
Patient holds Vivatmo me in her hand, doctor points to paper, explanation of measured values
Patient holds Vivatmo me in hand, doctor holds vivatmo me mouthpiece in hand

Healthcare guidelines recommend FeNO measurement

In Germany, 3.5 million people receive medical treatment for asthma.1 According to the Global Asthma Network, asthma therapy focuses on controlling the symptoms of asthma and preventing asthma attacks.

One new method of asthma therapy monitoring is FeNO or NO measurement. This method uses a FeNO measuring device to measure a relevant inflammatory marker in the lungs in asthma patients’ exhaled breath. In the current addendum to the German Asthma Guideline2 , the determination of nitric oxide in breath exhalate (FeNO) is mentioned as part of the initial asthma diagnosis and repeated measurements are recommended.

What are the advantages of FeNO measurement at home for you and your patients?

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the value of FeNO measurement in confirming the diagnosis and predicting the response to inhaled corticosteroids. What other advantages home FeNO measurement brings is currently the subject of clinical studies that have either just started or are in preparation. In the experience of physicians who are already using Vivatmo me with their patients, more frequent and regular FeNO measurements at home offer several advantages for asthma management and therapy planning. FeNO measurement enables consistent progress monitoring and early therapy optimization.3

  • Regular FeNO measurements can help to reduce the incidence of acute asthma episodes.4
  • Ease of use for asthma patients.
  • Home measurement can improve compliance.
  • Using the device can improve patients’ quality of life.
Blond man holding Vivatmo me with a smile, doctor sitting at the table, doctor-patient conversation in the surgery

Vivatmo me patient care

FeNO measurement with Vivatmo me has many benefits in terms of therapy and asthma management both for your patients as well as for you as their primary care physician.

Increasing acceptance of digital solutions for self-monitoring

But what about the acceptance of digital applications among patients? According to a representative Civey online survey of 1,000 participants commissioned by Bosch Healthcare Solutions, 52 percent5 of all respondents diagnosed with asthma would want to monitor the course of their disease themselves using modern digital tools such as an app. At 62 percent5, the willingness to self-monitor is particularly high in the 40 to 49 age group. In contrast, almost 40 percent5 of respondents expressed reservations about cortisone in asthma therapy. These concerns even grow with increasing age.

What the specialist says

“By independently monitoring the measured values with Vivatmo me, asthmatics can regain self-determined control over their disease and make the ‘invisible enemy’, i.e. the inflammation in the lungs, more tangible. This is an important point for many asthmatics in better coping with and managing their disease.”
Dr. Michael Barczok, pulmonary specialist and co-founder of the Ulm Lung Center
“The goal of modern asthma therapy is to avoid the lows and reduce symptoms over the long term. Monitoring the FeNO value helps to achieve this.”
Pulmonologist in the context of a user test

*Adult mode: 10 sec. duration of measurement / child mode 6 sec. duration of measurement
1 “Asthma Health Atlas” of the Scientific Institute of the AOK health insurance fund (WIdO)
2 Buhl et al., 2021. Addendum to the German Asthma Guideline.
3 Hanania et al., 2018
4 Petsky et al., 2016
5 Civey online survey commissioned by Bosch Healthcare Solutions

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