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Vivatmo for Doctors

We care about our environment:
We assume responsibility for
protecting the climate

Discover how Bosch Healthcare Solutions is going CO₂-neutral with the Oxycap consumer product.


Bosch is committed to sustainability

Robert Bosch GmbH’s green agenda

At Robert Bosch GmbH, contributing to people’s well-being and to environmental and climate protection has a long tradition. In view of the increased challenges we face from climate change, Bosch has set itself a significantly more ambitious target in relation to climate protection: At corporate level, Bosch is introducing carbon-neutral research, production and administration processes from 2020.

This means that we want to make emissions in our direct sphere of influence carbon neutral. The focus is placed above all on energy efficiency and generating energy ourselves from renewable sources.

CO2 Signet

Bosch Healthcare Solutions is pursuing these goals


As a fully-owned Bosch subsidiary, we at Bosch Healthcare Solutions will be responsibe for implementing this project from 2020, with a focus on carbon-neutral research and administration. For our production, we only use green electricity.

We want to make a further contribution to climate protection with the carbon-neutral positioning of the Oxycap consumer product.

As a basis for CO₂ neutrality, we have examined CO₂ emissions over the entire life cycle of our consumer products, from production through to disposal. In addition to the raw materials, we also factored in CO₂ consumption during production, packaging, transportation, and practical application.

Our Vivatmo product is designed to make therapy management easier for asthma patients. The disposable mouthpieces (Oxycaps), that come in sterile and air-tight packs, are indispensable for measuring exhaled breath using the Vivatmo devices. In order to obtain correct measurement results and to guarantee optimum hygiene, these are currently intended exclusively for single use. Multiple use would, of course, be desirable from a sustainability point of view, but this is currently not feasible. We have therefore opted for offsetting measures applying the Gold Standard.

With our products, we improve the quality of peoples' lives. This is reflected equally in our commitment to climate protection.

Marc Meier, CEO Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH

Our approach for carbon-neutral products

Carbon offsets in line with the Gold Standard



From landfill to a source of green energy

With our Gold Standard carbon offset projects, we are making a contribution to sustainable development in China.

Learn here how landfill gas extraction was used to generate green electricity and significantly improve the lives of the population in a Chinese provincial town: